Manage sales, do not only enter transactions into the System!

Sales database

Collect all sold products in one place. Filter it easily and fast narrowing searches based on intended criteria.



You can attach necessary attachments, scans of offers, concluded contracts, Clients’ documents, policies or anything else to every deal.


Sales File

Information about the sale, transaction, products sold and the financial condition all in one place. Transparent Sales File makes every trader’s work easier.



Every time-limited contract ends someday. It’s important to know about it earlier to offer your Client an extension of the contract or and another product. This function is being loved by insurance agencies’ employees that offers motor insurances. The result – over 93% of renewals.



Sales shown on a Timeline. Simple sales report divided into months – You know exactly when and how much your company sold.


Needs analysis

Customer’s needs analysis is a of IDD new regulations requirements. Determine Customer’s preferences, his needs and products he already has to prepare a tailor-made offer.


Statistics of Sales and Sales Process

How effective is the sale process? Why don’t the Clients buy? What’s the sales structure like in the context of products’ kind or their suppliers? How many sales are being generated as renewals and how many of them are new deals? Which one of sales channels is the most effective one? All the answers to these and many more questions can be found on Berg System’s database.


Insurance, financial and investment products’ services

The System recognizes types of products and operates every sort of them: insurance (motor, life, property, travel insurances and others), financial (consumer loan, mortgage, leasing, financing for organizations, debt collection) and investment ones (bonds, investment funds, stocks and many others.


Payment services bonded to bills in accordance with the terms of the contract – account balance calculations. Post-sale contract’s supporting, looking after payment schedule’s realization.

Flexible defining of fields attached to various necessary fields for different types of products. One group for credit, another for insurance.

Contract documents generated automatically. Generate sale contracts for each client automatically, according to earlier defined templates. All you need is a sign.

It operates on all sorts of products

The System operates with all insurance, financial and investment products.

Full flexibility in setup

Add your own fields and forms

Filled fields validation

Require filling in blanks

Comprehensive settings processes

Business processes and sales funnels created flexibly

GDPR & Security

GDPR compliance. Security level comparable to a banking systems’ one.

Access from any device

Access from any device

Different access permission for each employee

Different access permission for each employee


Integration with tools you already use!

See how Berg System's implementation helped our customers to improve their sales