Reports and statistics

Save your time and create transparent, readable reports!

Let numbers talk

Numbers and graphs could tell anything. Create transparent and readable reports that will always let you know how fast your business is being developed. Take be the most optimal decisions basing on statistics generated by the System.

Berg System gives you everything you need to manage an effective team. Take your decisions basing on facts and data.


Set goals and monitor the status of their realization

In the Sales Report you see the value of each team member’s sales, but also degrees of realization of any other goals.


Stats of conversion in sales process

Learn the level of conversion in Your process. How long it takes to acquire a client? On which stages your clients come away? This data is a powerful knowledge


Analysis of lost leads

Analysis of lost leads shows which elements of process you should improve.


Stats of sales activities

Analyze sales activities like: number of sales meetings with (potential) clients, new clients, renewals of policies or term products.

It operates on all sorts of products

The System operates with all insurance, financial and investment products.

Full flexibility in setup

Add your own fields and forms

Filled fields validation

Require filling in blanks

Comprehensive settings processes

Business processes and sales funnels created flexibly

GDPR & Security

GDPR compliance. Security level comparable to a banking systems’ one.

Access from any device

Access from any device

Different access permission for each employee

Different access permission for each employee


Integration with tools you already use!

See how Berg System's implementation helped our customers to improve their sales