Internal Communication

Use Berg System to improve communications team workflow. Implement the solutions that complies with IDD

Engage employees and give them a tool for communication. learning and knowledge sharing

Provide necessary courses on-line

Provide training coursers and examine your employees using Berg System’s e-learning module. Plan your teams’ development, check out how your workers’ skills increase and comply with IDD.

Create company’s knowledge base​

Collect all necessary documents, guides, courses for you employees in one place. Every newly-hired person will get necessary amounts of information and skills much faster. More experienced workers will always be allowed to refresh resources.

Engage employees

Organize competitions for employees. Create focus groups and initiate discussions. Let it work like a force of company’s society. Manage an internal communication to build a team and achieve company’s goals with its help.


It operates on all sorts of products

The System operates with all insurance, financial and investment products.


Full flexibility in setup

Add your own fields and forms


Filled fields validation

Require filling in blanks


Comprehensive settings processes

Business processes and sales funnels created flexibly


GDPR & Security

GDPR compliance. Security level comparable to a banking systems’ one.


Access from any device

Access from any device


Different access permission for each employee

Different access permission for each employee



Integration with tools you already use!

See how Berg System's implementation helped our customers to improve their sales

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