Contact database

All data on a Client in one place

Contact database

All information in one place

tabela kontaktów - baza kontaktów

You do not only see what your client bought, but, above all, what else he can buy from you!

Contact database

Add new contacts easily

If you know NIP number of your client, all other data data can be uploaded from GUS/CEiDG database.


Search and filter your Contacts easy and quick

Are you looking for information about your customers? Easily filter and search contacts through your database. Choose the ones that interest you just in few clicks on a mouse. Explore customer base, using smart filters based on a product and find those who has the product or those, who does not.


What is an average number of products your client has? Increase it!

It is possible to say what your customer is going to buy in the future basing on his past deals? Of course! We already know what needs he has and what sort of products he prefers. If we know what similar to him ones buy too, we have a powerful tool. We could offer a customer a proper product in a right time.


Simple data import and export

Are you afraid you may not be able transfer your data to Berg System? There is no need to worry. Using our system you will import data and export it to most common file formats with ease.


The view based on an organizational structure

Is your company’s organisational structure expanded? It is not a problem. Model it and grant access to data equally to positions in the company. Everyone gets the permissions that come from ones role.


Take over others’ products and win back customers

Every man makes more than 100 financial and investment decisions in ones entire life. We what sort of needs each client has when a product comes to its termination, we can contact him at the best moment and offer an adequate deal.

It operates on all sorts of products

The System operates with all insurance, financial and investment products.

Full flexibility in setup

Add your own fields and forms

Filled fields validation

Require filling in blanks

Comprehensive settings processes

Business processes and sales funnels created flexibly

GDPR & Security

GDPR compliance. Security level comparable to a banking systems’ one.

Access from any device

Access from any device

Different access permission for each employee

Different access permission for each employee


Integration with tools you already use!

See how Berg System's implementation helped our customers to improve their sales