Commission Settlement

We settle complicated commissions automaticly

Settle even 50 000 000 EUR commission in 10 minutes

It doesn’t matter how complicated Your commission calculations are. Even if you hire hundreds of consultants and have a trade volume of 1 m, you will account it just in 10 minutes with us.

A core element of working together is to make sure that a co-worker gets his commission revenue on time and that its level adequate to his expectations. With our System he gets such pieces of information right after closing a deal!

Employees should be getting their pay-outs in one day, always the same one. It musn’t be belated, because it causes concern and demotivation. It musn’t be prematurely, because they will expect it to be earlier next month.

Jack Welch, książka "Winning"

Import of any commission file

Import commission files from any company. There are just as much of commission file formats as the companies (insurance ones and banks). Import Module will make your work easier. We simplify what’s complicated.


All the most popular ways of calculating commissions applied in the insurance, finance, investment and MLM industries.

Berg System operates with all the most popular ways of commissions settlement that are used for insurances, financial and investment products and MLM. Define the commission thresholds all by yourself.


The comparison of planned and actual commission

Compare the commission you planned with the actual one. See if the commission income you got from a bank or an insurance company is equal to what you expected.


Search through bug reports

Due to well-defined commissions for each product and sale that’s entered into the System, you know exactly how much money will your company (multi-agency) gain from commissions. Check it out in Insurance Company’s report and filter bugs.


Various ways to calculate commissions for different products

Set various ways and commission rates for different products. For us it’s a walk in the park!


Setup products, commission rates and ways of accounting easily.

Add products and setup products, commission rates and ways of settlement for many positions of employees easily.


Look after payment dates

Calculate the account balance for any day of contract duration. Use the vindicatory module that’s dedicated to loan companies and debt collection agencies.

Obsługa wszystkich produktów

System obsługuje wszystkie produkty ubezpieczeniowe, finansowe, inwestycyjne

Pełna elastyczność w konfiguracji

Możliwość dodawania swoich pól i formularzy

Walidacja wypełnianych pól

Możliwość wymuszania wypełnienia danego pola

Pełna konfiguracja procesów

Elastycznie tworzone procesy biznesowe czy lejki sprzedaży

RODO i bezpieczeństwo​

Zgodność z RODO

Dostęp z na każdym urządzeniu

Dostęp z na każdym urządzeniu

Różne dostępy dla różnych pracowników

Różne role i uprawnienia dla każdego współpracownika


Integracja z narzędziami, z których już korzystasz!

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