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Client Files

All the Client data in one place

The 360º Customer View

In a Client’s File you can find all data related to the Client. Contact details, information about Sales and Sales Opportunities linked to him, notes and a complete history of contact service.

You don't only see what your customer bought from you, but, above all, what else he can buy!

kartoteka klienta - ikona

Fast activities

A Client File in not only the place to collect and edit data. This is the place where you can swiftly add new Sales or Sales Opportunities.

kartoteka klienta - ikona
The Client File

Quickly add a task, event, notification or even send an email.

As you plan a financial and investment decisions with a Client it’s wrighting them down in his File. All the data you enter will appear in your Calendar and, as a result, you’ll get a notification in a right time.

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A complete history of customer service

All the activities linked to a client – both elapsed and planned ones – collected in one place (event timeline).

kartoteka klienta - ikona

Prepare an analysis of customer's needs in accordance with IDD requirements

An Analyzation of Customer’s Needs is one of legal requirements. In Berg System you won’t just fulfill an IDD’s requirement, but you would also use pieces of information you own to offer your Client another products.

kartoteka klienta - ikona

Collect all attachments in one place

Skans of documents and policies in the System are always linked to a relevant client.

No more searching through binders, files on a hard drive or e-mails.


Take over others' products and win back Clients

Every man makes more than 100 financial and investment decisions in ones entire life. We what sort of needs each client has when a product comes to its termination, we can contact him at the best moment and offer an adequate deal.


It operates on all sorts of products

The System operates with all insurance, financial and investment products.


Full flexibility in setup

Add your own fields and forms


Filled fields validation

Require filling in blanks


Comprehensive settings processes

Business processes and sales funnels created flexibly


GDPR & Security

GDPR compliance. Security level comparable to a banking systems’ one.


Access from any device

Access from any device


Different access permission for each employee

Different access permission for each employee



Integration with tools you already use!

See how Berg System's implementation helped our customers to improve their sales

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