Berg System for FindFunds - a dedicated solution


Industry: Participating crowdfunding

Number of users: from 10 down 50

It has been using since: 2016

Foundation year
Number of investors
Capital raised

Customer characteristics

FindFunds is a service offering the possibility of participating crowdfunding. Private investors can take up shares in companies offering innovative solutions at an early stage. The service in its assumptions refers to such platforms as e.g. Kickstarter, Beesfund.

Starting point

The starting point was to create from scratch a whole service, which would be integrated with the CRM system. It was necessary to connect elements related to, among others, secure payment service, distribution of content on the website. There were no ready-made solutions, all elements of the platform were specially designed for the needs of FindFunds. This is what Lucyna Ward, CEO FindFunds, says about it:

“At FindFunds we needed a dedicated system that would meet several key requirements. First of all, it had to enable the conclusion of on-line agreements and automatic settlements. Berg System was able to offer personalized technological solutions”.

Lucyna Ward, President of the FindFunds Management Board

Lucyna Warda, Prezes Zarządu FindFunds

Problem definition

Creating from scratch a participatory crowdfunding system. Key functionalities: on-line contract registration, payment system security and integration with CRM system.

Additionally, in the initial period of the service’s operation, Berg System supported the creation of the crowdfunded campaigns themselves.

Concerns about the implementation

Due to the scale of the project’s difficulties, there were concerns about the timeliness of the implementation. Lucyna Ward, CEO FindFunds, says about it this way:

– “In the light of my previous experience, I was afraid to cooperate in the implementation. However, it turned out that everything was going very smoothly. I was surprised by the speed of work on the system”.

Business effect

As a result of the implementation, a fully functional crowdfunding platform was created. Timely assumptions were met.

Thanks to the implementation of Berg System, the platform was created and we could start to carry out crowdfunding actions. In the first three we collected almost PLN 500 thousand.

Lucyna Warda, Prezes Zarządu FindFunds
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